Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Unjust Profiling; Daniel Bekele Listed as One of 14 Suspected of Instigating Violence

Federal Police Says Put Under Custody 14 Suspects Of Violence Instigators

Addis Ababa, 11/11/2005

The Federal Police said it has put under control 14 of suspects of violence instigators, whose list and photographs were published in newspapers as wanted four days ago. In a statement it sent to ENA on Friday, the Federal Police said the stated number of suspects were put under police custody over the last couple of days..The suspects who were put under police control are listed as follow:

1. Anteneh Mulugeta
2. Tamirat Tarekegn
3. Zekarias Tesfaye
4. Dereje Habte-wold
5. Fasil Yenealem
6.Dr. Tadious Bogale
7. Biruk Kebede
8.Nestaent Demisse
9. Andualem Ayele
10. Daniel Bekele
11. Asefa Habtewold
12. Nardos Meaza

The Federal Police said the cooperation shown by the society has been strengthened. It has also brought before the court of justice two individuals charged with hiding two suspects.The police called up on the public to cooperate in capturing other suspects who are still at large.
Source: ENA


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