Monday, January 02, 2006

Keep The Pressure on The Ethiopian Government!

A heartfelt and deep 'Thank you' to all of you who have sent your letters, written us words of encouragement and passed on the information about Daniel Bekele.

Daniel Bekele, along with 131 others including two teenagers, allegedly aged 14 and 15 are being tried for a series of outrageous crimes against the state including genocide, treason, inciting violence and trying to disrupt the constitutional order of Ethiopia.

Daniel, a human rights attorney, academic, activist, is committed to a free and just Ethiopia. His only crime is challenging a government with a deplorable record on human rights and who dares to elevate dissent to treason. These charges are political subterfuge.

Please continue to urge for the release of Daniel and thousand of other Ethiopians. We are their only hope! We must say no to repression, no to scapegoats and no to a regime that jails children!

Long Live Ethiopia! Free Daniel!


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